Rinsers and Washers

Empty can and bottle rinsers are available as water or air type to suit customer requirements.  Rinser types include gravity, powered and side grip with speeds in excess of 2400 CPM.  Gravity Rinsers include single, dual, 4 and 6 lane configurations. The United Systems Hi-Speed beverage rinsers are noted for superb cleaning characteristics with minimal water retention.  We would like to explore with you the options and pros and cons to each of the above mentioned rinser types or assist you in system design.

Filled container washers are designed to suit system and product requirements.  Washers are designed as conveyor through type unit with separate wash and blow off sections. Spray nozzles are arranged to spray top, bottom and sides of container to assure maximum cleaning action.  Air nozzles remove excess water from container in blow off section.

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